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Hello ! Nice to meet you and hope you’ll like this smart travel in North Drôme in France ! Have a good travel in my country !
We remember !
The city decided acces to the ruins of Mantaille from the south: 
Many places that are in this small area of ​​northern Drôme and the border of the Ardèche  and Isère . It's kind of my playing field. But what fun ! For a few years I'll discovery to  discovery, and knowledge are refined . Thank you to you who enter this modest site. It is  not always easy , the means are often lacking. Thank you for your visit! 
Differents sites in Nothern Drôme :
Archeological research Anneyron : 
The completion of the diversion to bypass the town of Anneyron is subject to the  completion of surveys. These surveys have revealed various occupations of the site on 2-  3 millennia. Currently in the month of November 2014 we are in the excavation itself.  But the weather causes some problems. They fulfill the contract? What are these  different populations occupying this place ? What is the function of these bases Gallo  Roman buildings ? Quelels discoveries? Many questions that arise today. To be  continued ! ( For the sake of dsécurité and respect for the work done , it is forbidden to  cross the barriers protégeants dig sites . ) Lien vers la page. 
An new association born : 
Enthusiasts, professionals, people of all edges meet to establish Emergency Heritage.  Under the direction of the wonderful Alexandra Sobczak . 'Cause the state is  withdrawing more and more , we remain pouvont indiférant destruction of wonderful  sites. Join Urgence patrimoine here. 
South facade restoration Larnage castle november 2014.
A national lotery for save monuments.... why not?
With president of Urgence Patrimoine with Alexandra Sobczak
The decision was taken by the city to go  through the south to enter the ruins. We  will use it for an old road but in good  condition. A plot of land was given by Mr  Cros . (Car park?). Nothing new in the  field, and no other markup . I must say  that walking around the ruins is not an  easy task and that the town is obviously  not ready to formalize the arrival of  visitors to the site. If you try this  experiment so cait your own risk . 
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